Joule's Vision

Joule's vision is to brew beer of the very best quality, equal to any in the world.

Joule's Beer

Joules Beer Blonde

Joule's Blonde Ale


Light, refreshing and subtle, a perfectly balanced blonde beer. In the style of north European beers, lager malt provides freshness, and Saaz hops deliver a citrus and hoppy aroma characteristic of this continental style of beer.

Joules Beer Pale Ale

Joule's Pale Ale


Fresh and clean upfront from brewing with pure mineral water, a really crisp beer with initial impact giving way to a pleasant bitter finish. Moreish and satisfying this is a very English Pale Ale.

Joules Beer Monk

Joule's Slumbering Monk


Full bodied with deep, malty and nutty fullness. Hints of caramel give a round, soft, satisfying smoothness in this bright copper ale, cut with light bitterness, from Fuggles hops.

Joules Beer Green Monkey

Green Monkey


Green Monkey is brewed with pure mineral water and the finest malt and hops. Clean and fruity with a good bitter-sweet taste, unlike lesser ‘Lager’ beers it is stored (laagered) for twice the amount of time to naturally achieve its sparkling, CRISP FLAVOUR. With some sweetness on the nose and with delicate floral notes, it contains NO artificial ingredients, preservatives or additives and is unpasteurised to keep each pint ‘brewery fresh’.